The Night Stuff

Did you know that while you sleep, your skin is in prime condition to repair and renew itself? Beginning at 11 p.m. and lasting until 4 a.m., skin's cell renewal rate nearly doubles, along with increasing collagen production and mending damage that occurred during the day.

Skip The Bed

Stop using the tanning beds and start using self-tanner. Your skin plus your health will thank you. May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, which brings up the issues and risks associated with tanning.

Tea Time

Did you know that not all tea is created equal? While all Black, Green, and White teas derive from the Camellia Sinensis plant, in addition to different colors and flavors, each tea also features different benefits.

Your Skin is Calling

Did you know that your skin comes with instant messenger? Our skin sends us messages all the time: Dry, itchy skin says, "Give me moisture!" and hyperpigmentation means,"You probably shouldn't have skipped the sunscreen."

Mango Mania

We all know that adding mango to smoothies is delicious, but did you know that mango makes moisturizing more nutritious? Mango is a professional at multitasking; it treats skin and hair for your best look yet.

Coffee Fix

Did you know that coffee has the same "pick-me-up" benefits for the skin as it does for the brain? The caffeine in coffee stimulates microcirculation and expels toxins; the effect is a brightened, refreshed complexion.

Hey There Baldy

Plenty of men think sporting a bald look is sleek, cool and low maintenance. There are many reason men choose to bare it all, from concealing a naturally balding head to trying to look like Bruce Willis, but one thing's for sure, it's not as easy as it looks.