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Holiday Makeup

The holiday season gives you a chance to unwind with your loved ones. Between family get-togethers, reunions with old friends and New Year's Eve celebrations, your makeup brushes are going to get a lot of exercise in the coming weeks. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose your styles for the holiday season.
Guest Bathrooms

This holiday season impress your guests with your hosting skills and prepare the perfect guest kit for their bathroom. Just follow these three simple key components and pamper your loved ones.

Slim Down

That fifth helping of your great aunt's famous cheesy potatoes won't help your figure, but we have something that will help you get it back. The holidays give you the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite dishes, but that extra padding might leave you feeling blue. Put a detox at the top of your list this year, and feel healthier and happier this season.
No Puffy Eyes

The holiday season is a chance to cut loose, indulge in life's pleasures and have a good time, but all that revelry can be tough on your skin, especially your eyes. Thankfully, there are more than a few beauty tips and tricks to minimize and mask puffiness.

Home Spa

Spa days are simply the best. Spa days at home are even better. Create your own spa day kit and pamper yourself anytime, any day without spending a fortune.

Travel Beauty

Whether you're visiting loved ones for the holidays or planning a vacation to ring in the new year, your suitcase is only so big, so it's important to plan what you're bringing ahead of time - especially when it comes to bath and beauty products. Convenience is key while you're away from home, and travel-size bottles are essential.
Whiter Teeth

If there is one thing that will instantly give you radiance, it's a beautiful white smile. As the snowy weather makes its way toward us, vamp up your look this holiday season with these miracle-working tips and tricks.

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