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Boost Elasticity
Boost Elasticity Inside & Out Is your skin lacking radiance and elasticity? Well there's a way to repair that! Loosing elasticity in the skin is very common and not always avoidable. Read More »
Autumn Hair
Summer Hair Today, Fall Hair Tomorrow. Is your hair dull, dry and brittle? Are you ready to say goodbye to your now boring summer hair and hello to gorgeous, healthy fall locks? Read More »
Lipstick For Fall
Complete Your Fall Wardrobe Don't go this season without that one staple that every wardrobe should have. No, not your favorite gray cardigan or your power suit, but that red lipstick that says I'm here and I mean business. Read More »
Brighten Up
It's Time To See The Bright Side Of Your Skin! Seeing spots? Those dark marks on your skin can be caused by sun damage and inflammation, but treating them with Eminence and targeted skincare can help to fade them, and sometimes even erase them completely. Read More »
Cool Weather Tips
Skin Care Tips For Falling Temps The time for pumpkins, pilgrims, and presents has arrived! Your lightweight moisturizers of summer are no match for the chilly wind nipping at your nose. Read More »
Routine Upgrade
Why Not Expand Your Skin Care Routine? Whenever anyone starts talking skin care it always comes back to the East and their seemingly perfect skin. Well, if you follow a Korean-inspired skin care routine you might just get those same results. Read More »