Hand Care

Hands down, the hands are the workhorses of the body. Grabbing, opening, turning, and tearing - our hands are constantly at work. Because of all this wear, they are usually one of the areas on our bodies to show visible signs of aging.

Free Radicals

Did you know that the same thing that causes apples to turn brown and iron to rust damages our skin too? The culprit: free radicals.

Lemon Cleanse

Lemons have gotten an unfair shake as metaphors go, becoming synonymous with faulty cars or life's problems. But the golden fruit gets respect in the skincare world!

Toning 411

"Cleanse, tone, moisturize." We all know this age-old mantra of good skin care. It's easy to see why we should cleanse and moisturize our skin, but what's the point of toning?

Get A Leg Up

Looking for a good at home hair removal kit to get those legs ready for shorts weather? Bliss has just what you are looking for!

What SPF Means

Did you know that SPF does not express a specific amount of sun protection, but rather suggests how long it will take for skin to redden in comparison to skin without sunscreen?

Cool Your Skin

Cucumbers have been used in skincare for thousands of years, with even Cleopatra swearing by them for her beauty regimen. While that's all well and good for the Queen of Egypt, who has time to lie around with cucumbers on their eyes in this day and age?