Sweat It Out

Have you been sweating your butt off this summer? Well there are actually ways to naturally cut back on sweating simply by reducing certain foods from your diet.

Over Exfoliation

Exfoliation is great, right? Your skin feels soft and smooth, but soft and smooth doesn't always equal healthy. Don't fool yourself, always exfoliate according to the product's instructions and when in doubt, try to keep exfoliating to a minimum.

Best Cleanser

Cleansing milks, foams, and bars, oh my! Have you ever wondered what the difference is between cleansing milk and bar soap?

Celebrity Brands

When it comes to celebrities, we always wonder, "How do they do it?" But seriously, how? With an army of health and beauty gurus at the disposal, it must be easy to have the perfect skin and hair.

Skin Care Tips

Is your skin not where you wish it was? Do you often wake up with another dreaded blemish on your face? Follow these seven steps your skin will look its clearest and healthiest yet.

Scrubs for Men

Many men think that just because they are a man that means their skin is tough and they don't need a skincare regimen. That is actually the complete opposite. Men, if you want your skin to stay looking as it did in your 20's than you need to start that skincare regimen, and soon.


Want that summer, sun-kissed look that everyone seems to be obsessing over? Well it's called strobing. This new makeup application technique is pretty simple to achieve. Basically, it means highlighting the face.