NuFACE Trinity ELE Attachment

Trinity ELE Attachment

Best For Lip & Eyes / Anti-Aging / All Skin Types. NuFACE Trinity ELE delivers targeted facial stimulation to hard to reach areas around the lips and eyes using innovative precise treatment wands. FDA approved, NuFACE Trinity ELE gently stimulates with soft wave microcurrent technology, lifting and toning facial muscles to reduce crow's feet and smile lines in just two minutes.

NuFACE Trinity ELE:
• Trinity ELE Attachment
• User Manual

Features / Benefits:
• Targets fine lines around lips and eyes.
• Precise treatment wands provide targeted stimulation.
• Delivers immediate and long term results.
• Cleared by the FDA for at-home use.
• Interchangable attachment.

How To Use:
• Prep: Cleanse skin and apply NuFACE primer.
• Lift: Glide or hold the Trinity ELE over face as directed.
• Finish: Remove NuFACE primer with a damp washcloth.