Phytoceane Cleansing Cream Scrub - 5 oz
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Cleansing Cream Scrub - 5 oz

Best For Combination / Oily Skin Types.
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The exfoliating microbeads found in the Phytoceane Cleansing Cream Scrub remove impurities and enhance the skin. Phytoceane Cleansing Cream Scrub will leave the face more radianct than ever before, allowing the healthiest skin to shine through. This scrub employs detoxifying marine mud to fight against a gloomy, dull complexion.

Phytoceane Cleansing Cream Scrub is ideal for city dwellers or those exposed to skin-dulling factors with its power to liven up any complexion. If your skin poses a problem, Phytoceane Cleansing Cream Scrub is an ideal option for whisking away black heads and healing existing breakouts.

Features / Benefits

  • Fights breakouts and black heads.
  • Detoxifies the skin.
  • Livens up the dullest complexion.
  • Uses microbeads to scrub away dead skin and acne causing bacteria.
  • Ultra conditioning scrub that doesn't dry out the face.

How To Use

  • Use every morning on damp skin. Rub in circular motions and then rinse.

Key Ingredients

  • Exfoliating Micro-particles - Soft mechanical action.
  • Detoxifying Marine Mud - Antibacterial; detoxifying, purifying, absorbing, sanitizing.
  • Jania Rubens - Ultra-moisturizing.


Detoxifying Marine Mud, Exfoliating Micro-particles, Jania Rubens.


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