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Tend Skin Lotions

About Tend Skin

Tend Skin is a "go-to" product for post-shave soothing and relief from ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Developed for both men and women, Tend Skin is a must-have beauty product for every body, can be used following shaving, waxing and electrolysis and works on the face, neck, bikini line, legs and underarms. Though many competitive products promise similar results, none come close to the effectiveness of Tend Skin.
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Tend Skin Lotions

Tend Skin Lotion "Outs" in-grown hairs and razor bumps. Tend Skin Company products are "unconditionally guaranteed with proof of purchase". Reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs, razor bumps and related problems. Products from Tend Skin include lotions and air shaving gels; both contain ingredients that improve the texture of your skin with continued use. Tend Skin is perfect for both men and women who are experiencing problems with in-grown hairs. When used as directed, Tend Skins results are truly remarkable.