Colorescience Face Primers
Colorescience Face Primers
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About Colorescience

Face Primers from ColoreScience are the first step to achieving a flawless face. Their unique consistency fills in fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, and smoothes skin texture. What's more, ColoreScience Face Primers are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Available in a variety of shades and formulas to address your individual face, Face Primers from ColoreScience set the stage for flawless makeup application.

ColoreScience primer is unique. Each SPF 20 primer not only sets the stage for flawless makeup application, it protects and contributes to skin's overall good health. Containing such active ingredients as blue algae extract, vitamin E and antioxidants, ColoreScience primers naturally moisturize and improve the look of the skin. Available in several shades, these primers improve color and complexion for a smooth finish. Pores are minimized and fine lines seem to disappear. What you're left with is a flawless canvas perfectly suited for creating a fabulous makeup look.

All-natural ColoreScience primers are available in several formulations depending on the look you're going for. Skin brightening, mattifying, calming, and balancing primers tame skin conditions that typically interfere with a flawless makeup application. offers the complete line of ColoreScience primers as well as other ColoreScience products so you can experience makeup that does more.