Dermalogica 3-Step Shaving Regimen

No one knows healthy skin better than Dermalogica - and they are about to make your shaving problems history! Customized to meet both skin care and beard growth needs, experience your healthiest skin ever with the simple, 3-step regimen from Dermalogica Shave. Step 1: Pre-Shave
Get shave-ready: cleanse skin, soften beard, and minimize irritation, ingrown hairs, necks and cuts. Clean Bar
A soap-free bar that removes impurities and breaks down surface oils without stripping skin. Daily Clean Scrub
An exfoliating cleanser with a beard-lifting lather to help remove surface debris for clean-looking skin. Pre-Shave Guard
Maximize beard softening while shielding and prepping skin to help minimize razor burn and bumps. Ideal for sensitive skin and heavier, thicker beard types. Step 2: Shave
Cushion skin and reduce razor drag for a clean, even shave. Three unique mediums to fit your skin condition. Soothing Shave Cream
An ultra-lubricating shave cream that calms, soothes and helps prevent irritation brought on by shaving. Invigorating Shave Gel
Achieve a barber-close shave with this maximum comfort, clear formula shaving gel that soothes, cools and softens. Close Shave Oil
Create an instant cushion between skin and razor with this ultra-smooth shaving oil. Step 3: Post-Shave
Refresh, hydrate and protect while helping to prevent ingrown hairs and premature aging. Post-Shave Balm
So much more than an after-shave. For a cooling, refreshing burst and moisturization, apply after every shave. Also helps control oily shine and ingrown hairs. Daily Defense Block SPF 15
Don't face the day without this multi-tasking, lightweight daytime lotion that defends against skin-aging. How To Use:
• Apply Daily Clean Scrub to dampened face and neck in circular motions. Focus on areas of oiliness, dry patches and beard growth. Rinse well with warm water.
• Apply a thin layer of Pre-Shave Guard over beard growth. Do not rinse - Pre-Shave Guard enhances beard softening and increases skin protection.
• Apply Soothing Shave Cream over Pre-Shave Guard. Shave with the grain, rinsing the blade often.
• Apply Post-Shave Balm to shaved areas of the face. Allow to absorb, then apply Daily Defense Block SPF 15.