Guinot FAQ

Q. Can my skin be harmed by the sun?
Be sure to protect yourself with Guinot Nuclear Defense products, because all skin types may be harmed by the sun even if you skin tans easily. During the first few days in the sun you skin does not have the time necessary to develop its natural defense known as Melanin. UV rays can therefore reach the nucleus of living cells and alter the DNA. The following days, even if you are tanned, remember that UVA and UVB rays can still reach elastic fibers and cause premature ageing. If you have fair, thin and sensitive skin, the rays that are good for you and that light up yoru complexion can also harm your skin, causing low sun tolerance, redness and even allergies to the sun.

Q. Why do I need high protection treatments?
During the first few days of sun exposure or in strong sun conditions (in the Tropics, at high altitude, under strong light reflection), skin is more sensitive. Consequently, the Guinot High Protection treatments were designed to provide optimum protection and favor a serene and gradual suntan.

Q. Do I need to apply Guinot sun protection products when it is cloudy?
Even in cloud weather, you need to apply Guinot sun protection products because the clouds do not reduce solar radiation intensity.

Q. How often should I apply Guinot Sun care treatments?
You should apply Guinot sun care treatments generously every 2 hours.

Q. What time of day is most harmful towards my skin?
The sun is strongest between 12pm and 4 pm. Therefore you need to protect yourself using Guinot Ultra Tanniing Sunscreen SPF 4 or Guinot Large Ecran Sunscreen UV SPF 30 if you are planning to achieve a tan.

Q. What Guinot product should I use after a day of sun exposure?
Soothe your skin with Guinot After Sun Complex. This iridescent, multirestoring lotion refines and prolongs suntan and wraps the body with a shimmering film. Moisturizing and regenerative, it soothes skin while providing freshness and comfort after sun exposures.

Q. How should I store my Guinot Longue Vie Soleil products?
For an intense soothing action, leave your after sun treatment in the refrigerator for a guaranteed refreshing sensation.

Q. How can I get a natural looking tan before my tan starts to really show?
To cheat a little and reveal a pretty golden color during the first few days, apply self-tanning treatments: Guinot Summer Radiance and Guinot Auto Bronzant Corps D'Ete Self-Tanning For Body.

Q. Can Guinot help me get a perfect tan without having to spend so much time in the sun?
Use Guinot Preparing treatments to beat the sun's effects! This unique product from Guinot is packed with active ingredients that stimulate melanin sythesis and boost the pigmentation phenomenon. With your skin well prepared, you will tan better and spend less time in the sun.

Q. Does Guinot have self-tanning products?
Yes, however before applying Guinot self-tanning cream to the face and body, remember to exfoliate to eliminate dead cells and any skin roughness for a glowing and even tanning result.

Q. How does Guinot Nutrizone work?
Guinot Nutrizone is a nourishing treatment with a lifting effect. Retinol is known for its renewing action on epidermis and Vitamin C for its regenerating action on elastic fibers. Guinot Nurizone Lift firms the body and regenerats support tissues thus recreating new firmness. Its creamy texture wraps you with extreme comfort and leaves a silky film on skin, which is visibly lifted and velvety. It is also ideal before and after sun exposure or after a pregnancy when elastic fibers are damaged.

Q. How effective is Guinot Cellular Life Complex?
Containing 56 Biological Active ingredients all essential to the life of cells, Guinot cellular life complex is used in hospitals to recreate new skin, particularly in the case of serious burn victims. It has shown unmatched results on cellular regeneration for a youthful and firm body.

Q. In addition to using Guinot Luxurious Body Firming Creme what else can I do to improve the firmness and look of my skin?
In addition to using Guinot products, try ending each shower with a blast of cold water. The refreshing effect tightens pores and strengthens tissue tone for an immediate tightening effect.

Q. Does Guinot have a product that can firm and strengthen the bust?
Guinot Firming Bust Cream tones and reshapes the bust by strengthening Liposomes and bringing density to support tissues, which it also mends and strenghthens the cohesion of suspensory tissues. The bust, not having any muscles, depends entirely on skin tone and on the treatments it receives to support and shape it. Guinot Firming Bust Cream offers an instant toning effect and is recommended before and after sun exposures and pregnancies.

Q. No matter what I do, nothing seems to have any effect on my cellulite. Does Guinot offer anything to combat my cellulite?
Guinot Minceur Chronologic / Body Slimming Concentrated Cream is a highly-advanced slimming serum cream that is the first treatment specifically designed to combat persistant cellulite. As time goes by, fat cells are surrounded and trapped by conjunctive membranes, which fend off the effects of slimming active ingredients. Lipomucases, a key ingredient, helps dissolve the membranes of fat cells. Then, the ultra-powerful, anti-cellulite active ingredients can act directly at the heart of cells. With its comfortable texture and delightful fragrance, this serum cream is quickly absorbed and leaves on skin a silky film Dad after day, curves and the orange peel effect diminish, skin visibly gains in firmness and tone, and becomes smoother, more supple and beautiful.

Q. What ways does Guinot recommend that I take to prevent myself from gaining excess weight?
Follow a healthy diet and ban snacking breaks between meals, which are dreadful for the figure. Do not hesitate to ask your beauty therapist for Guinot Absolute Minceur dietary program.

Q. What is Guinot Bulbaine?
Guinot's Bulbaine is a patented complex with plant and sea origins, prolongs the beneficial effects of hair removal, increasing its effectiveness and comfort. It actually curbs hair regrowth by 59% by acting on hair bulbs. It reduces hair diameter by 50% by acting on hair bubls and it lightens hairs, making them more discreet.

Q. What is Guinot Epil Confort?
Guinot Epil Confort are anti-regrowth treatments with Bulbaine that slow down hair regrowth, making it finer and lighter. Your skin is softer longer. With Guinot Epil Confort treatments, hair removal is easier, more comfortable and less frequent. This product is suitable for sensitive skin.

Q. How can you maintain your skin during the Summer with Guinot Paris?
A. To maintain your skin during the summer months, after sun exposure, chlorine water and long days in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Guinot has the perfect solution for at-home skincare.

To cleanse the skin begin by using the Hydra Tendre Cleansing Cream rich in Coconut Extracts. It deeply cleanses the skin yet it does not strip the skin of its natural protection.

Follow by gently exfoliating the skin with our unique Guinot Gommage Biologique. Packed with AHA's derived from sugar cane, lemon and orange yet with the soothing effect of green tea, Gommage Biologique is perfect even for the most sensitive skins. Exfoliation is recommended depending on the skin type and skin condition. Dry skins should exfoliate 3 times per week, normal skins 2 times per week and oily skins 1 a week.

Finish with Creme Hydra Beaute to add hydration to your skin without the heaviness and since it is water based even your clients with oily skin will enjoy the texture.

Apply Guinot Hydrazone Eye for intense hydration around the delicate eye area.

Q. How can your skin beat the Winter Blues?
Do-it-yourself Guinot Facial for Dehydrated Winter Skin

A. Harsh winter weather takes a toll on skin leaving it dry, flaky, sensitive and irritated. When you can't get to the spa, or in between facials, do-it-yourself Guinot homecare is a great way to keep skin in top condition when the mercury falls.

Winter Facial Prescription
To maintain flake-free skin during the winter season, opt for Guinot Hydra Tendre gentle cleansing cream. The Coconut Extracts not only cleanse but also neutralize the effects of hard water on the skin. Remember not to wash your face with hot water-it dehydrates the surface layers of the skin. Exfoliate not only to remove dead cells but also to maintain your skin's hydration.

Layers of dead cells asphyxiate the skin and dehydrate it. Use Guinot Gommage Biologique twice a week. The gentle AHA'S-including, sugar cane, lemon and orange- lightly exfoliate the skin and hydrate it, while green tea protects and nourishes, making this exfoliant perfect for all skins including the most sensitive.

Follow up with Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute to replenish moisture and soothe wind and cold irritated skin. Try Masque Yeux to hydrate and refresh the eye area. Both masks may be left on the skin for 15 minutes then tissued or rinsed off.

Finish with an application of Guinot Serum Hydra Beaute for very dry/dehydrated skin followed by Creme Hydra Beaute to seal and retain moisture in the skin. The Shea Butter and Vitamin E in the Hydra Beaute Source will help to nourish the skin and fight free-radicals, while the Hydro-captors will trap the moisture in the skin.

Q. What could be better for the eye area during the cold weather than Hydrazone Eye?
A. Liposomes that deliver moisture into the delicate eye area and horse chestnut to reduce puffiness make it perfect all-in-one eye cream for this time of year.

Hitting the Slopes?
Guinot Paris Skincare Products for Snowbirds

Don't hit the slopes this year without these skincare essentials for skiers: Creme Extra Protection. This slope-ready moisturizer creates a superficial barrier on the skin's surface soothing irritations and repairing the tissues.

Large Ecran SPF 30
The finest in UV protection for face and body, this SPF 30 contains Heliotropine to protect, Horse Chestnut Extract to soothe and stimulate and Vitamin E to fight free radicals.
*Tip: Layer your SPF on top of your moisturizer to ensure the best protection. Reapply every couple of hours.)

Guinot Longue Vie Main
Protect and repair cracked, dry gloved-hands with this cream formulated with 56 cellular ingredients, shea butter, wheat protein and vitamins B5 and E.
*Tip: Apply Longue Vie Main before putting on your gloves to lock in moisture and repair the skin.