ilike Organic Spinach & Horsetail Exfoliator - 1.7 oz

ilike Organic
Spinach & Horsetail Exfoliator - 1.7 oz

Best For All Skin Types.
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ilike Spinach & Horsetail Exfoliator is a quick exfoliating and clarifying mask that gently removes impurities while charging skin with essential vitamins, iron and bioflavonoids. Ilike Spinach & Horsetail Exfoliator not only leave your skin feeling amazing, but treat your skin type and condition with effects that promote healthy skin.

Features / Benefits

  • Softens and removes dead keratin cells.
  • Calms and soothes the skin.
  • Promotes the natural self-cleansing process of skin.
  • Brightens tired skin.
  • Charges skin with vitamins, bioflavonoids and iron.

How To Use

  • Apply a thin layer of exfoliator to the face or body in circular motions after cleansing.
  • Leave on for a couple minutes till almost dry, then remove the product by rubbing the skin again using circular motions.

Key Ingredients

  • Peppermint Oil - Refreshes and brightens tired skin while helping control excess oil production.
  • Horsetail - Provides astringent benefits that helps combat acne.
  • Bioflavonoids with Vitamin C - Repairing and renewing.


Horsetail, Spinach, Honey, Corn Germ Oil, Peppermint Oil -- Vitamins C, E, H And K, Kaepferol, Quercetin Bioflavonoids, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements.


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