jane iredale Tantasia Self Tanner FAQ

Q. How are the ingredients in Tantasia different from other tanning products?
A. Tantasia is an entirely new approach to self-tanning. Our proprietary formula works with your body's own tanning process, the production of melanin, to develop a safe, long-lasting and completely natural tan. Most other tanning products use one ingredient, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), that only colors the top layer of the skin. This surface color does not produce a long-lasting tan because as the skin naturally exfoliates, it sheds the color. Equally as important, it is a color imposed on the skin. It is not your natural tan. Q. What are the ingredients in Tantasia that cause me to tan?
A. There are three complexes in Tantasia that create a natural-looking, long-lasting tan.
They are:
1. A combination of Acetyl Tyrosine and Monk's Pepper (vitex angus castus). This combination -
• Stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin (a brown substance seen as a tan).
• Leads to melanin formation, independent of sun exposure, via the betaendorphin-like effect of Monk's Pepper.
• Accelerates the melanin synthesis reaction via Acetyl Tyrosine.
• Leads to an even, regular and persistent tan.
• Enhances the natural protection factor of the skin against UV radiation. 2. Copper Gluconate which is -
• An enzymatic bioactivator.
• An additional source of tyrosine delivery which increases a more even color. 3. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is bonded to a natural vegetable amino acid compound and is brand new technology. This is the first time that DHA has been buffered and, as far as we know, very few self-tanning products use this technology. The buffering means that we avoid streaking and are able to use far less DHA than most tanning products. DHA -
• Activates beautiful, natural, long-lasting color.
• When spread on the skin, the acetylated amino acid is hydrolyzed by the enzymes of the epidermis and then combines with DHA for instant color.
• When evenly massaged on the skin, it compensates for the differences in skin areas and allows a smooth golden color.
• Allows a more intense, deeper, longer lasting tan because of the extra supply of amino acids at the skin level. Q. How much Tantasia should I apply?
A. Apply enough to cover the entire area with a thin layer of product. Blend it into the skin well. Q. May I use Tantasia on my face?
A. Yes, and we hope you will. The formula not only tans but has potent moisturizing qualities. Q. I have heard that anything that stimulates melanin is aging. Does that apply to this product? If not, how is it different?
A. Melanin production (a tan) is not aging; it's the cause of melanin production that is aging. The sun and tanning booths are the culprits. When the body is bombarded with UV rays, it produces melanin as a way of protecting itself. But it doesn't do that until the rays have penetrated deeply enough to stimulate the melanocytes that produce the substance we call a tan. So, a tan is the sign of the body's attempt at self-protection after the damage has been done. This is why there is no such thing as a safe tan unless it comes out of a tube. (Tantasia anyone?) 80% of the visible signs of aging are due to UV exposure, and that means all UV exposure, because radiation is cumulative. Unprotected exposure to the sun or tanning booths is like sitting in a time machine on fast-forward, so be sure to use your SPF minerals with Tantasia as a protection against UVA and UVB rays. Q. Does Tantasia have an SPF?
A. Tantasia does not have an SPF. We recommend using our mineral powders, PurePressed Base or Amazing Base, over Tantasia on your face and Power-Me-SPF on your body for broad spectrum sun protection. Q. Is it necessary to exfoliate and hydrate before applying Tantasia?
A. It is not necessary but exfoliating will enhance the results and produce a longer-lasting tan. Tantasia contains a wheat protein, which provides natural hydration for the skin. Depending on the skin type, more or less moisturizing may be necessary. You may need to test the amount of moisturizer and self-tanner used to reach the desired result. Q. When should I apply Tantasia if I'm applying skincare serums at the same time?
A. Follow the general rule of viscosity when applying skincare products including Tantasia. Less viscous products should be applied first (i.e. serums) followed by those products that are more viscous (i.e. lotions or creams). When used in conjunction with a moisturizer, apply the moisturizer first allowing it to absorb before Tantasia is applied. Q. How long should I wait to take a shower after applying Tantasia?
A. We recommend applying Tantasia after you shower in the morning or before you go to bed at night. This should give the product several hours to completely absorb before your next shower. Q. After I applied Tantasia, I noticed some color washing off in the shower. Is my tan going down the drain?
A. What you are seeing is the bronzing component of Tantasia, which provides the instant veil of color you may have noticed, particularly if you are fair skinned. Rest assured, the color that develops over the course of time will not wash away. Q. Why doesn't this product work for me? I don't notice any difference in skin tone following application.
A. Over the course of three days, Tantasia builds to a perfect color that lasts much longer than most self-tanners because it's your own tan. Its unique ingredients work with your own melanin to produce a tan that is yours alone. While some individuals, particularly those with fair skin, may notice an instant veil of color following their first application, those with darker or olive skin tones may not notice a difference until the second or third consecutive day of use. Q. What effect does Tantasia have on hyperpigmented skin?
A. It is best to patch test first to assess any potential irregular development of pigmentation. If you are using lightening skincare products for hyperpigmentation then the use of Tantasia should be discussed with your physician or skincare specialist. Since Tantasia stimulates melanin production, IMC does not recommend application on areas where lightening products are being used. If you opt to forego applying Tantasia to your face, it may still be used for body application. We like to think of it as 'magic stockings' for the legs. Q. Is Tantasia safe for use during pregnancy?
A. Please consult with your physician. A complete list of ingredients is available on Jane Iredale's Official Website Glossary. Q. Is Tantasia safe for use while breastfeeding?
A. Please consult with your physician. A complete list of ingredients is available on Jane Iredale's Official Website Glossary. Q. Is Tantasia safe for individuals who have an allergy to products containing wheat?
A. Overall, everything we use is highly purified and refined. However, it is always possible to develop a sensitivity to anything at any time. Where sensitivity is a concern, we recommend consulting with a physician and patch-testing before purchase and use of the product. Q. Is Tantasia safe to use while undergoing laser treatments?
A. We recommend consulting with your physician. Q. How long does a tube of Tantasia last?
A. A full tube of Tantasia will last approximately six weeks. This is based on three days of daily applications the first week, twice-weekly thereafter for color maintenance. © Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, January 2011