NIA 24: What is NIA 24?

What is NIA 24?
Repair is never as good as protection, particularly in skin care. Tap into skin's own protective powers 24- hours a day with patented NIA 24- the first inside- out topical Niacin- Powered skin barrier- builder. Inside, this patented MicroNutrient Delivery system brings a continuous- release form of Niacin of skin. Outside, skin's barrier is restored and signs of damage dramatically reversed. Designed like a medical protocol in three courses of action - pre- damage action, pro- active repair, and an antidote to diagnosed problems - this system works together to prevent, repair and fight signs of damage deep in the skin. Proof that NIA 24 works
The Pro- Niacin molecule breakthrough is the result of 25 years of research into cellular DNA damage in the formula of cancer. So beneficial, it's been chosen by the National Cancer Institute for development as a potential skin cancer prevention agent. How does NIA 24 work?
By stimulating skin's natural barrier function, NIA 24 builds stronger, better skin that's more resilient and resistant to damage. By improving the skin's barrier function, overall skin tone and texture improve. NIA 24 reduces the appearance of visible brown spots, hyperpigmentation and lines specifically associated with sun damage. Without it, skin falls prey to daily sun and environment stresses that slow skin's self- protective function and speed the visible signs of aging. Why does NIA 24 work?
During research partially funded by the National Institutes of Health, scientists identified an important role for the active form of Niacin in how cells respond to genetic damage. NIA 24 introduces that breakthrough: patented Pro- Naicin. While Niacin is used in other products on the market, Pro- Niacin is the first and only patented Niacin molecule that converts to its active form to regenerate skin cell layers. How are NIA 24 products different?
NIA 24 products are the only comprehensive, science- based protocol to take every action - preventative, pro- active and corrective. Containing Pro- Niacin- a patented continuous- release system of Niacin - NIA 24 products were born from science and developed with funding from the University of Arizona Cancer Center. NIA 24 technology is so advanced, it hold 14 patented. In a seven-site, physician-directed trial, 140 patients with mild to severe sun damage used Pro-Niacin daily. The following changes observed by physciians represent the percent of patients who experienced improvement: 90% of patients reduced hyperpigmentation
82% improved skin texture
81% improved skin tone
80% increased skin smoothness
68% reduced fine lines and wrinkles
53% improved firmness In a separate clinical trial, Pro-Niacin increased the thickness of the stratum corneum by 60% and the thickness of the underlying, living layers of the epidermis by 25%. Upon First Application, some may experience:
First Blush

A warming sensation that can lead to redness or irritation since the Pro- Niacin is hard to work to help stimulate natural repair processed to renew healthy skin cells energize skin to promote healthy skin function. Follow and introduction regimen and apply a cool compress to soothe the Skin Initial Breakout
As skin adjusts, a breakout may occur due to temporarily increased sebaceous activity. If this happens, follow the recommended introductory regimen: slowly adding products every other day with a light application, gradually increasing use until the full regimen is incorporated over 10 days. Dryness
Depending on environmental and dermal moisture levels, skin care experience increased dryness. The barrier's ability to retain moisture and resist damage inside can make surface skin feel dry. Following NIA24 product with a non- active moisturizer can help.
NIA 24: Pro-Niacin - The Molecule
Pro-Niacin is the patented molecule found in each of the NIA 24 products. With its unique micronutrient delivery system, Pro-Niacin penetrates the skin, delivers Niacin to skin cells and enables healing from within to promote healthier, more beautiful looking skin. Just as it name suggests, Pro-Niacin is based from Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3. Many are familiar with the oral form of Niacin, a water-soluble micronutrient found in a number of commonly eaten foods. As a nutritional supplement, Niacin aids in cholesterol reduction and energy metabolism, but more recently, it has emerged as a key factor in helping the skin protect and repair itself from sun damage and aging. Structure Pro-Niacin resembles Niacin (Vitamin B3) but differs in several very important ways. 1. Pro-Niacin is the form of Niacin known as nicotinic acid. Unlike nicotinamide, nicotinic acid stimulates the release of the hormone leptin, a natural repair hormone, that aids healing within the skin cells and aids in the reduction of hyperpigmentation.
2. Pro-Niacin contains what is known as a lipophilic tail. The natural form of Niacin is hydrophilic or water-loving and therefore, cannot penetrate the lipophilic (fat-loving) stratum corneum. To be absorbed by the stratum corneum, the molecule must somehow be made lipophilic.
Niadyne scientists have developed the molecule, Pro-Niacin - a nicotinic acid molecule with an attached lipophilic tail, which as a lipophilic molecule, CAN penetrate the lipid-rich outer layers of the skin and diffuse into the sublayers of the epidmeris where cellular regeneration and keratinization occur. 3. Pro-Niacin does not caus vasodilation. The unique delivery system of Pro-Niacin slows the rate at which Niacin is absorbed into the skin, so that vasodilation does not occur. Delivery
Delivery of active ingredients across the skin barrier is a mjor challenge for all cosmeceuticals. The skin is naturally resistant to absorbing topical substances as a defense against bacteria, pollutants and other environmental assaults. As stated previously, the skin barrier is made up of pancake-like cells with fatty or lipic matrix between the cells. In order to penetrate the lipid-rich stratum corneum and achieve the ultimate goal of reaching the substrata of the epidermis, the Pro-Niacin molecule, with its lipophilic tail, crosses the skin barrier and slowly diffuses at an optimal rate into the sub-layers of the epidermis. As natural enzymes within the skin cleave the lipophilic tail, Pro-Niacin is converted back into nicotinic acid. Nicotinic acid is bioconverted into the active molecule, NAD, which enters the skin's cells and aids in various biochemical reactions. Because of the slow rate at which Niacin is absorbed into the lower epidermal layers, vasodilation is avoided.
MicroNutrient Delivery allows ingredients known to be beneficial to the skin to go beyond topical application, penetrating the epidermis in a slow, continuous release, allowing time for the molecules to bio-convert to its working form. The 24-hour continuous micronutrient delivery system is unique to the Pro-Niacin molecule and is what distinguishes the NIA 24 products from other products containing Niacin. Function
By enabling Niacin to penetrate the skin through its unique patented delivery system, Pro-Niacin increases the amount of Niacin or NAD (active form of Niacin) within the skin cells.
Pro-Niacin increases NAD content within skin cells more significantly than the other form of Niacin, nicotinamide. Increased levels of Niacin affect 4 major biochemical processes. The result of these biochemical processess affect by the Pro-Niacin molecule is the generation of healthier skin cells from the inside-out. The skin barrier is strengthened as a result of these improvements in the biochemical processes well below the skin's surface. 1. Stimulates the repair of DNA. DNA is your cell's genetic code, which determins what the cells will become and do. When you suffer damage from the sun or other environmental factors, this DNA can become altered. Pro-Niacin helps stimulate the repair of DNA so your skin cells can undo some of the damage caused by the sun, creating healthier skin through a natural repair process. 2. Enhances energy metabolism and skin cell turnover. Healthy skin cells need energy. The active form of Niacin, NAD, plays a crucial role in the energy metabolism of cells. Thus, by providing Niacin to the skin, healthy energy metabolism is promoted and skin cells can undergo proper cell turnover. 3. Promotes the release of leptin, a natural repair hormone. Unlike it's counterpart nicotinamide, nicotinic acid stimulates release of the hormone leptin, a natural repaire hormone that promotes healing of skin cells through wound repair and improved immune response as well as helps to reduce hyperpigmentation through melansome transfer inhibition. 4. Stimulates a receptor that decreases hyperpigmentation. Nicotinic acid stimulates a signaling cascade that inhibits the transfer of melanin from the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) to the surrounding keratinocytes (other skin cells) such that hyperpigmentation is reduced. Results
Double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials show that Pro-Niacin strengthens the skin barrier.
Skin biopsy analysis of patients' cheek shows a dramatic thickening of the stratum corneum and epidermal layers of Pro-Niacin which result in improved skin barrier and integrity. In addition, the lower dermal layer shows a healthier, tighter cellular matrix after 12 weeks of Pro-Niacin.