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About Phytomer

Toners from Phytomer, the world leader in marine-based skin care, work on two levels. First, they complete the cleansing process by removing any last traces of makeup and excess oil from the skin. Phytomer toners are substantive in that they also relax the skin with Sorenia, an aromatic sea water. When relaxed, the skin can better uptake active ingredients. And finally, Phytomer toners deliver nutrients to the skin necessary for proper cell function.

Toning the skin is a vital step in any skincare routine. This step continues the cleansing process by removing any impurities a cleanser may have left behind, and readies the skin for targeted treatments designed to address common skincare concerns. Used between the cleansing and moisturizing steps in a skincare routine, toning helps ease and calm the skin so other creams, masks and serums work to their full potential.

Phytomer toners contain no drying alcohol and are made with all-natural ingredients such as Sorenia (a relaxing agent) and Oligomer (a highly potent trace element and mineral seawater) to fortify the surface of the skin and prevent a dull complexion. All Phytomer toners are extremely gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Skin1 is a proud supplier of the Phytomer skincare line - one of our favorite toners is the Eau Marine Alcohol-Free Tonic Lotion. This purifying toner stimulates, tones and refreshes dull, tired skin, turning blotchy and flushed skin into radiant, energized skin.