Phytomer Skin Care Products
Phytomer Skin Care Products

About Phytomer

Founded in Brittany, France in 1971, Phytomer has become a prominent leader of marine-based skin therapy. Phytomer is committed to the environment and to sustainable development, and the company uses ethical cultivation practices to protect the marine ecosystem. These innovative marine-based formulas use the highest quality marine plant life to treat the most common skin concerns.
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Phytomer Skin Care

Anchored in the heart of the marine environment, Phytomer has been a worldwide independent company since 1972. True to their local roots, the Phytomer skin care line has gained world-renowned recognition in the professional spa and beauty industry. For over 40 years, Phytomer has successfully demonstrated itself a leader with a presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

Phytomer face products contain specific formulations and highly concentrated marine ingredients for high-end aesthetical solutions to common skincare concerns. As a benchmark for beauty, the treatments are developed through close teamwork between Phytomer's training center and a team of experienced scientists for a line that produces dramatic results.

The star ingredient of the Phytomer skin care line is Oligomer. Discovered in 1972 and the brand's foundation for effectiveness, this 100% all-natural marine ingredient is a sodium-reduced seawater containing 104 trace elements that balance and revitalize the skin. Found in most Phytomer face products, skin is strengthened and recharged with energy.

Driven by a passion for the sea, the Phytomer brand is defined by three words: Ocean, Science and Beauty.

The ocean contains a wealth of opportunities for the world of cosmetics. Combining a high-tech approach with all natural marine ingredients, Phytomer is the cosmetic line of the future.

The science of Phytomer begins with a team of more than 20 scientists and experts in skin biology and cell structure. This experienced team strives to identify ingredients and develop innovative, highly effective products.

Systematically tested before release, all Phytomer products are evaluated for effectiveness. A panel of volunteers under real conditions confirms the performance of all new formulas so you know the products you're getting will do exactly what they say they will.

Skin1 is proud to offer a complete line of Phytomer skin care products to our customers. We're sure you'll love the results!

Phytomer - a holistic experience you can trust.