Sampar Frequently Asked Questions

Sampar ProductsDeveloped by Patrick Sounigo, a world-renowned specialist in medical phytoaromatics with over two decades of experience, SAMPAR is specifically designed to suit the requirements of the modern woman. Patrick originally studied medicine at Cochin Hospital in Paris but moved into the field of phytoaromatics, seeing the opportunity to blend modern scientific techniques with a hint of Parisian elegance to create sensual, efficacious skin care. SAMPAR Urban Active, developed at Parlabo Laboratories Paris, is a synergistic blend of high performance, state-of-the-art nano technology and efficacious aromatherapy. SAMPAR is formulated using exclusive natural complexes, biopeptides, citrus bioflavonoids and essential oils to shield against environmental pollution while helping to repair and renew the skin, restoring a natural harmony. SAMPAR creates each formula using the Urban Active Complex, a hand-made blend of three high-tech and all natural active ingredients. The Urban Active Complex stimulates the skin's natural defense mechanisms and strengthens cell cohesion, restoring a natural balance and resilience. The complex is present in all products in the SAMPAR Urban Active line. The Urban Active Complex contains the following ingredients:
Shea Butter Extract
A genuine shield against pollution, this natural extract assists in boosting the skin's level of resistance. A powerful free-radical scavenger and detoxifying ingredient, it protects the skin against the inflammatory reactions caused by chlorine and nicotine while neutralizing the iron and lead found in polluted air. Immediately the skin appears brighter and more youthful. Mint Leaf Extract
This extract relaxes and soothes the skin, helping to calm pollution-induced inflammation and irritation. The production of pleasure hormones is stimulated to induce a feeling of well being, returning vitality and natural radiance to the skin. Plant Sugar and Lactate Extract
This active element is composed from bran, straw, wood (xylitol) and natural milk sugar (lactitol). This powerful combination restores the skin's equilibrium, stimulates cell regeneration and enables the skin to repair itself, ensuring healthy skin day after day. Our changing world environment demands new solutions to ensure healthy skin. The rise of pollutants and chemicals plus the effects of a thinning ozone layer contribute to an enormous increase in photo damage, pigmentation, acne and a plethora of other skin problems. SAMPAR, the French based skincare line with its unique approach, answers the question of how to effectively address extrinsic aging, environmental damage, anti-aging, pigmentation and problematic skin conditions. SAMPAR developed a subtle mixture of high performance, state-of-the-art nanotechnology and efficacious aromatherapy. Each product contains the Urban Active Complex , a blend of three, all natural active ingredients: shea butter extract, mint leaf extract, plant and lactate sugar extract, formulated with natural fibers to enhance the beauty and health of a woman's skin. It is a unique blend of cutting edge, high tech ingredients, backed by science coupled with extraordinary luxurious serums, gels, and creams. Using the finest ingredients and an exceptionally high concentration of active elements, SAMPAR has designed the most technologically advanced packaging system to maintain the integrity of their products. No clear packaging, no wide mouth jars. Airless pumps and unique measured dispensing ensure that active ingredients remain at optimum potency without contamination. SAMPAR offers a complete range of home care products and professional treatment protocols:
Essential: protects against external aggressions, soothes and deeply moisturizes the skin.
Pure Perfection: illuminates the complexion, purifies the skin and restores balance to leave the skin clear, matte, and velvety smooth.
Age Antidote: an exceptional concentration of anti-aging principles that slow down the effects of time. Age Antidote Eye Contour: a customized eye care solution that restores freshness and expression by helping to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.
Age Antidote Neck and Decollete: revitalizes the area often neglected, yet vital to our overall appearance.
City of Light: used to even out the complexion by helping to clarify and decrease pigmented areas.

Q. Who developed Sampar?
Sampar was developed by world-renowned specialist in medical phytoaromatics Patrick Sounigo.

Q. What can Sampar do?
Sampar is skin care line designed for everday use. It will protect your skin from harmful environmental factors while also cleansing and purifying it to make it naturally luminate.

Q. What is Sampar formulated with?
Sampar uses a natural complex of biopeptides, citrus bioflavonoids and essential oils.

Q. What is the Urban Active Complex?
The Urban Active Complex present in Sampar Urban Active products is a hand-made blend of three high-tech and all natural active ingredients. Urban Active stimulates the skin's natural defense mechanisms and strengthens cell cohesion, restoring a natural balance and resilience.

Q. What are the three high-tech and all natural active ingredients?
The three ingredients are Shea Butter, Mint Leaf, Plant Sugar and Lactate Extract.

Q. Why does Sampar use Shea Butter?
Shea butter is a natura extract that shields your skin against pollution. It is also a powerful free-radical scavenger and detoxifying ingredient that boosts the skin's level of resistance and helps protect it agains inflammatory reactions caused by chlorine and nicotine. Shea butter also neutralizes damaging iron and lead found in polluted air.

Q. Ok, how about the Mint Leaf extract?
Sampar has found that mint leaf extract relaxes and soothes the skin.

Q. Exactly what is Plant Sugar and Lactate Extract?
This extract is actually composed of bran, straw, wood and natural milk sugar. This combination of ingredients restores the skin's balance, stimulates cell regeneration and enables the skin to repair itself.

Q. What are Sampar Essentials designed to do?
This line of products from Sampar can be used as a daily protective and preventive routine for all skin types. They remove environmental toxins and impurities that accumulate on the skin, helping to return a natural balance and harmony. The Sampar Essentials give a virtual shield against environmental pollution as they help to repair, restore, and renew the skin.

Q. What can Sampar Pure Perfection products do?
These are products that stop the asphyxiation of the skin by cleansing residue build up in the pores, and allowing your skin to breathe.

Q. Who is Sampar Pure Perfection for?
These products were specifically designed for people with oily and problematic skin. It uses Sampar's Urban Active complex that contains high levels of essential oils that allow it to purify and balance the skin.

Q. How does Sampar's Age Antidote help fight against the signs of aging?
Sampar's Age Antidote uses a combination of unique natural complexes that absolves the pollutants and toxins from the skin. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles by up to 30%!

Q. What is Sampar's City of Light all about?
The way we live, and what is in the air can all take a toll on our skin and body. With Sampar's City of Light, you can target and tackle the erratic production of melanin in the skin. The products assist in reducing the appearance of dark sun spots, and return an even illuminating glow to your skin.

Q. Using Sampar products, what would an ideal morning ritual be?
Sampar products offers a wide variety of products for all skin conditions, so you have a variety of choices to choose from!

Choose your Sampar Cleansing Product:

Sampar Hydrating MistSampar Eye Therapy Sampar Daily TreatmentsSampar Targeted Treatments

Q. At night, what Sampar products should I use?
Start with your...

Sampar Make-Up Removal Products:

  • Velvet Cleansing Milk
  • White Velvet Cleanser
Sampar Cleansing Products:
  • Velvet Cleansing Milk
  • Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser
  • White Velvet Cleanser
Sampar Hydrating Mist
  • Skin Quenching Mist
Sampar Eye Therapy
  • Splendid Eyes Elation
Sampar Daily Treatments
  • Ultra Hydrating Fluid
  • Barely There Moisture Fluid
  • Vivid Radiance Serum
  • Serum Luminescent
  • Lavish Dream Cream
  • Nocturnal Lifting Mask
Sampar Targeted Treatments
  • Prodigal Pen
  • Spot Lighter
  • Clear Solution Mask
  • Equalizing Foam Peel
  • Blotting Paper