Sothys Mythology

Ancient Egyptians named the brightest star in the sky Sothys (pronounced So-tis), and she represented eternal beauty. Like humans, stars and planets also experienced emotions and feelings such as hatred, love, anger, jealousy and revenge.

One divine night, Saturn encountered the young star Sothys. Even Venus couldn't surpass her beauty. Their meeting was amazing and Saturn became overcome with passion for her, which threw the natural rhythm of the stars into disorder.

The fall of Sothys
Venus could not stand the fact she was no longer the most beautiful star in the sky and she sought revenge against Sothys. She disappeared into the dark of the night and vanished. Saturn mourned over forty days and forty nights and flooded the Earth with his tears. Centuries passed and nothing was heard from Sothys, until the day when...

The return of Sothys
Sothys returns to Earth and reveals her secrets of her beauty. She devotes her life to women to help maintain and protect their beauty and happiness. In tribute to her, men worship her as a Goddess.