Sothys Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do the active ingredients used by Sothys come from?
A. The active ingredients in Sothys come from various sources: plant, marine, biotechnological.

Q. What is the use-by date of a Sothys product after opening?
A. Any Sothys product available on the market that does not give a use-by date has been carefully tested so that we can guarantee its stability, before the container is opened, for a minimum period of 30 months.

Moreover, it is important to note that in general, once the product is opened, its life is influenced by 2 factors:
how the product is stored ("normal" atmospheric conditions)
how the product is handled (using ordinary rules of hygiene and application as recommended in the prospectus).

In accordance with regulations in force, since 03/11/2005, on each Sothys product appears an indication concerning the number of months the consumer can use the product after opening without risk. This information is indicated by an open jar logo in which the number of months of maximal recommended use after opening is inscribed.

Q. Are Sothys products tested on animals?
A. Firstly, finished products in all the ranges sold by the Sothys Group are not tested on animals.
This is because Sothys products are well tolerated and this is guaranteed by:
rigorous selection of the raw materials used in their composition;
every finished product is subjected to independent toxicological assessment which may use in vitro tests and then the product will be tested on human models in accordance with procedures that totally comply with ethical rules.

Q. What are the essential stages for taking care of my skin?
A. Daily: The first important stage is to cleanse your skin well every morning and evening with suitable products to clean and remove make-up. Then, in the morning use a hydrating* and protective cream , and a regenerating cream in the evening. Do not forget to use special products on the eye area that have been formulated to be applied on the fragile and sensitive skin in this area.

Once a week: Carry out exfoliation using Sothys Desquacrem to remove dead cells and impurities. Your complexion will remain clear and radiant and your skin will be more receptive to skin-care products. Don't forget to follow-up your exfoliation by applying a suitable mask for your needs. Your skin will gain more benefit from it once impurities are removed. * Hydration of the superficial layers of the skin.

Q. Can make-up damage my skin?
A. Make-up does not damage your skin. What's more, Sothys make-up products take care to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin by containing active ingredients that hydrate* and soften. The Sothys range of make-up, with active protection, also acts as a perfect complement to Sothys beauty treatments in the salon and in the home. However, you must continue to apply your skin-care products before putting on make-up, and cleanse it off with suitable products every evening before going to bed. * Hydration of the superficial layers of the skin.

Q. Does using a fluid foundation mean I don't need to use face cream?
A. Whatever type of foundation you use, whether fluid or more compact, it is essential to apply your face cream beforehand. Face cream gives your skin what it needs for its daily protection; in addition, when your skin is properly hydrated*, your make-up will be more uniform and radiant, and will look better throughout the day. * Hydration of the superficial layers of the skin.

Q. How do I choose the right colour for my foundation?
A. Touch a small amount on to your neck. The colour of this area is most typical of the skin on your face. This will enable you to avoid unsightly tide-marks . For day-time: choose a colour identical to that of your skin. For the evening: choose a lighter colour to light up your complexion (under artificial light a dark colour makes your face look harsh).

Q. What are the essential stages for a successful make-up?
A. 1- Prepare your skin: cleanse and hydrate*
2- Your foundation: foundation is the background for your make-up so you need to pay particular attention to it. Choose the right foundation for the kind of finish you want (mat, satin, concealing etc...). Do not forget to finish your foundation by applying powder which will fix the foundation and prevent shine.
3- Your eyes: light colours attract the light and stand out, whereas dark colours recede, giving depth and emphasis.
4- Your lips: to make your lipstick last longer, do not forget to outline your lips with a lip pencil that tones with the colour of the lipstick.
5- Blusher: this is the finishing touch in your make-up. It should harmonise with the make-up on your eyes and lips.
To lift the face, it can be put on: the forehead at the roots of your hair, the point of your chin, the arch of your eyebrows and your cheek-bones.* Hydration of the superficial layers of the skin.

Q. What are the basic techniques for a day-time make-up, and an evening make-up?
A. The difference is in the foundation and the intensity of the colours.
For a day-time make-up:

  • choose a foundation identical to the colour of your skin;
  • for your eyes, lips and cheeks choose fairly light colours: eye-shadow should be blended-in naturally.
For an evening make-up:
  • choose a foundation slightly lighter than the colour of your skin to light up your complexion (under artificial light, a dark colour makes the face harsh);
  • for your eyes, lips and cheeks choose brighter colours. The make-up will be more structured.

Q. Do I need a prescription to use Sothys Retinol 15?
No. Sothys Retinol 15 is a powerful product that is available without a prescription.

Q. I have heard that retinol and its' parent ingredient Tretinoin can have some uncomfortable side effects. How does Sothys avoid these side effects?
Sothys has worked very hard on developing the solution to the side effects found in other products. What they came up with is Microsponge Technology, an innovative polymeric reservoir system, which has been proven to stabilize retinol, allowing it to make its way into the skin where it can work its magic. An important additional benefit of these microscopic particles is that they deliver retinol to the skin over time thereby greatly reducing any potential for irritation. Even for sensitive skin.

Q. How long will it take to see results of using Sothys Retinol 15?
Within weeks of consistent usage, dramatic results will begin to be seen including a reversal of the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles), a lessening of age spots and mottling, and an improvement in the texture and tone of the skin. Note: All studies to support these findings were conducted under the direction of an independent dermatologist and in a clinical setting.

Q. So how does Sothys Retinol work?
Retinol by Sothys directly targets skin that is showing signs of aging with a proven ingredient that has been stabilized for the first time in an advanced micro-reservoir system. This cosmetically elegant formulation delivers Retinol, the purest form of Vitamin A. to skin where and when it needs it most. Continued use will result in a visible and dramatic improvement as skin remembers what it was like to be young.

Q. Can you explain Microsponge Technology a little further?
These microscopic particles, closely resembling spherical, miniaturized sponges, have a multitude of external pores interconnected by internal channels. Their large degree of porosity allows loading these polymers with a variety of useful ingredients, very much like a real sponge. When loaded Microsponges are deposited onto the skin, they slowly and gradually release their contents, allowing for a gentle uptake by the skin. The result is an extended duration of the beneficial effects, even at low concentrations of the entrapped ingredient, while minimizing your potential for irritation. With its exclusive rights to the patented Microsponge Technology, Sothys delivers the extraordinary benefits of pure retinol in a proven, effective, skin-friendly formulation.
*Microsponge is a registered trademark of Advanced Polymer Systems.

Q. What clinical tests has Sothys conducted to back up their claims?
Clinical tests conducted by the S.K.I.N. Research Laboratories in Pennsylvania under the direction of Drs. Albert and Douglas Kligman, reveal the following benefits after just 4 months of nightly use:

  • 30% Improvement in Fine Lines
  • 27 % Improvement in the Skin's Texture
  • 350/0 Improvement in Dyspigmentations
  • 48 % Improvement in Skin Roughness
  • 260/0 Improvement in Desquamation