Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae - 10 x 1.4 oz

Micronized Marine Algae - 10 x 1.4 oz

Best For All Skin Types.
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Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae permits to profit from benefits of the sea, for general fitness and silhouette refining. 100% natural, Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae re-mineralizes and re-vitalizes by the infusion of marine nutrients. Detoxifying and draining. Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae refines due to the rich iodine content of the algae.

Features / Benefits

  • Refining.
  • Hydrating.
  • Detoxes the skin.
  • Helps with draining.

How To Use

  • Pour the contents of one sachet into the bath under the running water, in a toning bath (36), relaxing (37), or refining (38).
  • After 15 to 20 minutes in the bath, wrap up in a bath robe and relax for a period equivalent to the bath time.
  • Follow with a warm or cool shower.

Key Ingredients

  • Fucus Vesiculosus.
  • Laminaria Digitata.
  • Lithothamnium-Calcareum.


Laminaria Digitata (Extract), Fucus Vesiculosus (Extract), Lithothamnium Calcareum (Powder).


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