Yon-Ka Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does the name Yon-Ka® come from?
A. The philosophy that Yon-Ka® is based on is embodied in this name, which is a combination of 2 words:

  • Yon: a river with rapid and purifying water, as well as the phonetic homonym ion , meaning an energy particle
  • Ka: in ancient Egypt, Ka signifies the vital and eternal force that is inherent in each individual.
  • Yon-Ka®: a name that is symbolic of natural and constant regeneration.

Q. Why aren't Yon-Ka® products sold on all distribution channels?
A. Yon-Ka® takes great care in formulating and manufacturing their products, and are thus extremely concerned with the high quality customer service and pertinent advice that each client is entitled to in a point of sale. In light of this fact, they have chosen to work with a network of professional estheticians that they have carefully selected and regularly train in the use of their products and treatments. In the beauty clinics and spas that offer the Yon-Ka® line, you will find estheticians who listen to you, analyze your skin and personally recommend products and individualized treatments that best correspond to your skincare needs. This is also the opportunity to treat yourself to a relaxing moment of complete well-being as well as physical and mental harmony in the aromatic world of Yon-Ka®. Beauty starts from within...

Q. Where do the plants, used in the Yon-Ka® products, come from?
A. A plant is a living organism and its characteristics vary according to its botanical species as well as its geographical origins, climate, etc� This is why the approximately one hundred plants used in the Yon-Ka® products come from several countries around the world. The 5 Quintessence essential oils that are used in the composition of numerous Yon-Ka® products are an example of this:

  • lavender (lavandula vera) and cypress (cupressus sempervirens), which come from the Provence region (France),
  • geranium (pelargonium graveolens), which comes from Egypt,
  • thyme (thymus vulgaris) and rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis with cineole), which come from Morocco.
Each essential oil, and each botanical or marine extract is chosen based on its properties as well as other extremely precise criteria. These raw materials are subject to strict laboratory testing, prior to their use, in order to ensure optimal quality and stability.

Q. Why hasn't Yon-Ka® created a specific skincare line for men?
A. Although men's skin has certain general characteristics (i.e., it is often thicker and oilier than women's skin), their skincare needs vary according to each individual and change depending on the season or other specific internal or external factors. Yon-ka's® wide range of products and their personalized skincare concept enable them to meet the needs of men and women, both at home and in beauty clinics. The products mostly prefered by men are: GEL NETTOYANT, a foaming cleansing gel with a fresh citrus scent; LOTION, which, when sprayed onto the face, soothes razor burn; PAMPLEMOUSSE, a citrus concentrate that protects and stimulates the skin throughout the entire day; AUTO-BRONZANT, for a healthy golden glow all year round; and, ULTRA PROTECTION SPF 25, sun protection for outdoor activities. At the spas and beauty clinics, the Deep Cleansing, Deep Hydration and Anti-Aging treatments leave the men's skin perfectly clean, supple and toned, thus enhancing each individual's physical and mental well-being in one short hour.

Q. I have heard that fruit acids can be aggressive to the skin. Is this true?
A. For numerous years, AHA (alpha-hydroxyl-acids), commonly called fruit acids, have been used by Yon-Ka® Laboratories for their moisturizing properties. Thanks to their ability to eliminate dead skin cells and activate cellular renewal, they have also been added to cosmetology products over the past few years.

Their effectiveness is determined by their nature, acidity level and concentration. In low concentrations, AHA are excellent moisturizers that restore softness and suppleness to the skin. When used in higher concentrations and in an acidic medium, AHA show greater skin exfoliating power. In the highest concentrations, AHA are strictly used for medical purposes. Given this fact, it is essential that an accurate dosage of this ingredient be used for optimal cutaneous softness, combined with the expert advice of a specialist.

Yon-Ka® offers a complete and well-balanced program, to be used in accordance with your own skincare needs:

  • FRUITELIA, a protective emulsion with fruit acids (cane sugar, bilberry, maple, lemon, orange) grafted to almond proteins, to be used all year round for gentle and progressive skin regeneration action, without risks of irritation.
  • ALPHA-COMPLEX is used for increasingly intensive skin regeneration, and contains pineapple, passion fruit, lemon and grape extracts. To be applied in the evening, for a 4-week intensive treatment.
At the beauty clinics and spas, the ALPHA-VITAL treatment combines exfoliation, nourishment and moisture-replenishment for progressive and well-balanced skincare.

Q. Are Yon-Ka® products tested on animals?
A. Yon-Ka® products are not tested on animals.LIn-vivo tests are conducted on human volunteers under medical supervision:

  • clinically tested means that tolerance/performance tests were conducted on human volunteers under the supervision of a research doctor;
  • dermatologically tested means that these same tests were conducted on human volunteers under the supervision of a dermatologist.